GRA position at Universiti Tenaga Nasional : Lightweight Cryptography Agents for SCADA Links

University / Institute Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Project Title Lightweight Cryptography Agents for SCADA Links
Start Date Jan 05, 2017
End Date Jan 05, 2019
Funding Agency TNB
Grant Name TNB Fund
Project Code from Awarding Agency (For internal use only; will not be published online) UNITEN Research & development Sdn Bhd: U-T1-RD-17-01
Contact Email(s)  Dr Zaipatimah Ali /
Contact Name / Phone(s) 0132889818
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s) Open to all nationalities
Description Project is on cryptography for securing SCADA links. Included scopes of research are exploring hardware architectures for lightweight cryptography algorithms and utilize the algorithms to secure SCADA links. Must have good HDL and C programming skills and familiar with FPGA design tools. Funds available for two years that cover allowance and tuitions.
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