(Free) Technical Talk: Empowering Industrial Design with Log-Aesthetic Curves

The IEEE SB @ Monash University Malaysia together with the School of Engineering, Monash University Malaysia is organizing the following talk:

Title       : Empowering Industrial Design with Log-Aesthetic Curves

Speaker  : Assoc. Prof. R.U. Gobithaasan (University Malaysia Terengganu)

Date        : 28/4/17 (Friday)

Time        : 1030 – 1130

Venue      : MA_LT_6006, Monash University Malaysia

Admission: FREE

For more information please contact: Dr Madhavan Shanmugavel (madhavan.shanmugavel@monash.edu

The abstract of the talk and speaker are as follows:




The basic elements of design are points, lines and curves; which can be extended or manipulated to create visually pleasing industrial objects. Recently, a family new type of curve called Log-Aesthetic curves (LAC) has been introduced to substitute the de facto curves namely Beziers and B-Splines. This talk is divided into four parts where first part introduces the field of Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) and its history. It is then followed by the fundamentals of Log-Aesthetic Curves and its unique traits that suit design environment. Two examples are shown to indicate is applicability for automobile and architecture design. The third part discusses on the extension of LAC denoted as Generalized Log-Aesthetic curves (GLAC) which has an extra shape parameter permitting wider G1 solution. A G1 GLAC algorithm is proposed which employs a simple bisection method to search for suitable GLAC segment satisfying given G1 Hermite data. Finally, a summary of work-in-progress of LAC and a brief note on the upcoming technology in CAD environment ends this talk.


R.U. Gobithaasan received his undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Computer Modeling), M.Sc (Mathematics) and Ph.D (Computer-Aided Geometric Design) from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2010. As a Profesor (associate) of Computational Mathematics, he has been teaching Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming Language, Geometric Modeling and Advanced Numerical Analysis courses to undergraduate students in UMT about 6 years now. He is both Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) and Google Online Professional Trainer.

His teaching is research-led and compliments all aspects of his field of expertise. These courses have grown from strength to strength and gave him the opportunity to teach research-based mathematics to undergraduates and provided a source of able postgraduates who would be suitable to undertake M.Sc and Ph.D within his research area. He is currently supervising 6 doctorates, 1 Masters and 8 undergraduate students carrying out geometric modelling related projects. He has delivered numerous talks, has written over 60 international journal/research papers and enjoys answering curious questions pertaining to geometric modelling projects.

To support his research, he has received research grants amounting to RM833,500.00 from various agencies either as main or co-researcher. Gobithaasan and his team researchers were awarded Best Overall Paper Award during Computer Aided Design & Application Conference 2013 at Lombary, Italy for their work entitled “Designing G2 Log-Aesthetic Splines”.

He enjoys answering curious questions pertaining to geometric modelling problems. He loves simplicity & enjoys observing life as it is …


Best Regards,

Alpha Agape Gopalai PhD, MIEEE

Senior Lecturer,
School of Engineering,
Monash University Malaysia,
Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Selangor, Malaysia

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