Workshop on Neurofeedback for ADHD, Autism & Developmental Coordination Disorder

IEEE EMBS Malaysia Chapter is proud to announce its workshop on NEUROFEEDBACK FOR ADHD, AUTISM & DEVELOPMENTAL COORDINATION DISORDER will be held on 8 Dec 2016. The details of the workshop are as follows:


TYPE Lecture and Hands-On
SPEAKER(S) Dr Beverly And Tony Steffert




The basics of the brainwaves associated with specific learning difficulties such as ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Developmental coordination Disorder, and other psychopathological states, such as depression. These reflect the arousal levels in various parts of the brain that can be measured by the frequency and amplitude of brainwaves. Neurofeedback aims to restore sub-optimal brainwaves to normal levels. Participants will learn how to recognise the brainwave patterns of these conditions as well as the psychological and behavioural consequences of these specific learning difficulties. The 10/20 system of electrode placement will be covered and each participant will have sufficient hands-on experience to be able to run a neurofeedback session competently.




Beverly Steffert PhD

Beverly is a Chartered Psychologist. She has a clinic in Cambridge specialising in specific learning difficulties and perceptual difficulties. In addition to working with clients she remains actively involved in academic research. She acts as Consultant Psychologist to the Dyslexia Institute and is a lecturer in brain- behaviour relationships at London University. She is EEG Spectrum trained in neurofeedback and is an accredited EEG Spectrum Instructor. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the International Society for Neuronal Regulation. She sits on the training & certification committee of the Society of Applied Neuroscience.


Tony Steffert MA, BSc(Hons)

Tony has a background in engineering and design (Central St Martin’s, London). He specialises in brain measurement and is an experienced QEEG technician who has worked on a range of research projects including the ADHD and Neurofeedback study at Imperial College, London. He has also been working with Dancers in Laban, Actors in RADA and Musicians in Trinity for peak-performance with neurofeedback while working at Goldsmiths. He has also been doing neurofeedback in Virtual reality at UCL and UPF in Barcelona. His area of special interest is the link between dyslexia and creativity and the Sonification of EEG (turning EEG in the sound). Tony is EEG Spectrum trained in neurofeedback (University Hospital, Groningen) and is an independent affiliate of EEG Spectrum International. He is a member of the Society of Applied Neuroscience.




08:30 am | 60 mins Registration and Introduction
09:30 am | 60 mins Basics of ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Developmental coordination Disorder, Depression
10:30 am | 30 mins Break
11:00 am | 120 mins Neurofeedback for ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Developmental coordination, Disorder, Depression
13:00 pm | 60 mins Break
14:00 pm | 60 mins Practical Lab on 10/20 System
15:00 pm | 30 mins Break
15:30 pm | 60 mins Practical Lab (continued)
16:30 pm | 30 mins Closing remarks



Workshop FEE

Full-day RM 250
Half-day RM 150


Further information:

The Organizing Committee of IECBES2016

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