Newly Elevated Senior Members – Congratulations

It is a great pleasure to congratulate another 11 members on their successful elevation to Senior Member!
No Last Name First Name Review Panel Meeting
1 Karimi Abbas 23-Jul-16
2 Khoh Soobeng 23-Jul-16
3 Abdul Muthalif Asan Gani 10-Sep-16
4 Awang Azlan 10-Sep-16
5 Chot Hun Lim 10-Sep-16
6 Go Yun II 10-Sep-16
7 Janin Zuriati 10-Sep-16
8 Loo Kean Li 10-Sep-16
9 Mustaffa Mohd 10-Sep-16
10 Nagalingam Manimaran 10-Sep-16
11 Nair Gomesh 10-Sep-16
The final panel meeting for 2016 will be in November. For those interested to know more, information on Senior member elevation can be found here
Best Regards,
Zuhaina Zakaria, PhD, CEng MIET, SMIEEE
Associate Professor
Centre for Power Engineering Studies
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
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