Master’s Degree Vacancy On Optimization of a Smart Grid Containing Renewable Energy Research at UMS

Title Full time research towards a Master’s Degree (may later be extended to a PHD)
University / Institute Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Research Center/Lab (optional) Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Website URL for the Research Center/Lab (optional)
Project Title Optimization of a Smart Grid Containing Renewable Energy Resources to minimize Power Blackouts in the State of Sarawak
Start Date 2016-01-11
End Date 2019-01-08
Funding Agency Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)
Contact Person / Email(s) Ahmed M. A. Haidar /
Contact Phone(s) 082 584282 , 01135815810
Nationality Requirements on Candidate(s) Applicants must be Malaysian citizens
Description The main aim of the project is to find an optimal approach to mitigate power blackouts in Sarawak by integrating distributed renewable energy resources to support power grid. There are three tasks in the research plan of this project, which will involve investigation, optimization and verification. It is to be noted that grid technologies and the development of grid design are out the scope of this project.

Research Assistant salary is RM 1600 per month, (support will be provided to attend conferences). Note that a Master’s Degree may later be extended to a PHD.

To apply, please send the following documents to A/Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. A. Haidar at (

1) Current CV with clear descriptions of your relevant qualifications.
2) List of two academic references with full contact information. Your references will be contacted.

For more information, please contact A/Prof. Ahmed M. A. Haidar at (


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