Region 10 Newsletter – June 2016

A copy with higher resolution photographs can be downloaded from R10 website at: . Please help us to circulate the newsletter widely by forwarding it to members in your organisational unit.

Besides news from R10 coordinators and across the region, the newsletter contains important information about this year’s candidates to assist you in casting your vote in the IEEE election. I am sure you would fine the report about the Children’s Science Congress in Kerala, India interesting and inspiring. It demonstrate what a difference IEEE volunteers can make to inspire children towards STEM education. The project is worth emulating by volunteers in other Sections.

As I publish this issue I am cognisant of the fact that the newsletter is too lengthy and some reports could be shorter. This creates a dilemma. On one hand I would like to include as many detailed reports as possible and on the other hand I want to keep the number of pages to a reasonable limit. One of the purpose of the newsletter is to capture the history of IEEE activities in the region as it happens and thus the need to cover reports from as many Sections and organisational units as possible. However, if the newsletter is too large in file size and number of pages then it runs the risk of becoming a dull and monotonous publication. To solve this dilemma the editorial team will be looking into few options. We can put words limit on submissions or the other option is to increase the frequency of publication from four to six times a year. Please let us know if you have any practical suggestion. In the meantime, please keep sending news from you Sections, Affinity Groups and Student Branches.

If you have any news worth sharing with other members, we would like to hear about it! You can reach us at

With kind regards,


Dr. Zia Ahmed

Editor, The IEEE Region 10 Newsletter (2016)

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