GRA Vacancy : MSc in Computer Science at UTAR

I hope you will be doing fine. I am looking for a MSc (CS) student to supervise. Student will get a monthly stipend of RM 2,500 but has to pay the UTAR fee by him/herself. Please recommend any student or forward this information to your colleagues.
Project will start from 1st February, 2016 however student may enrol a bit late.
Topic of the research is: Developing a Comprehensive Model for Implementation of Knowledge Sharing in Small and Medium Enterprises (through qualitative and quantitative methods)
Overview of study:
This study will have a comprehensive look into knowledge sharing behavior of Malaysian SMEs. SMEs from service (including ICT), agriculture and manufacturing sectors will be selected. Mixed method approach will be used to analyze the data. Study will answer the questions regarding issues faced by SMEs to implement knowledge sharing. Current study will also propose a model which will help SMEs to implement knowledge sharing so that its benefits should be realized besides looking into the tools used to share knowledge and understanding the purpose of implementing knowledge sharing system. This will make SMEs to implement knowledge sharing which will result in innovation, better processes, increase in quality of product or service.


Dr. Mobashar Rehman

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Systems
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Perak, 31900, Malaysia


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