GRA vacancy at Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Project Title :

Novel Approach on Texturized ZnO and ZnS: In Photoanode Materials with Natural Fruit Dye for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell.

Summary of the Project:

Ease of fabrication with widely available materials coupled with reasonable efficiency has made dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) a promising candidate in low cost solar cells and its research. Basic DSSC consists of anode, dye, electrolyte and counter electrode where each structure has their own part in completing the photovoltaic effect. Previously TiO2 nanostructures has been mostly used as photoanode in DSSCs because of their unique photovoltaic and photochemical properties, but the highest efficiency recorded is 11.9% which is still lower than the GaAs and Silicon based solar cell. In DSSC family, the use of synthetic and metal complexes based dye provide better efficiency and high durability, but they suffer from several limitations such as higher cost, tendency to undergo degradation, and usage of toxic materials. Thus, as to encounter these problems, ZnO and metal chalcogenide material is proposed as photoanode for DSSC as theoretically it can helps to enhance the physical separation between the injected electrons and the oxidized dye redox couples to decline the electron recombination reactions with the wide direct band gap and large excitation binding energy properties. Besides, texturization also is believed may enhance the performance of the solar cell. The limitations of synthetic and metal complexes based dyes can be replaced with alternate sensitizers that are bio compatible natural sensitizers. Simulations on the electrical process flow will be done in the first stage of the project and then will be verified with the fabrication process later in the second stage of the study. The efficiency performance is expected to increase as convincing photoanode, texturization and quality dyes is used in this project.

Project Duration : 24 months
Monthly Allowance : RM 1200 – 1500
Location : School of Microelectronic Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Perlis.

Responsibilities :

• Collaborate with Project Leader in achieving project deliverables
• Coordinate and plan research schedule and strategies
• Procide technical input and knowledge in implementing research components
• Prepare technical documentations and specific articles
• Enroll in Master by Research (M. Sc. – Microelectronic) programme.


Minimum Requirements :

• Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA 2.75 in the field of Microelectronic, Electronic or Material Engineering.
• Proficient in English
• Able to work with minimal supervision, self-motivated and independent.
• Must be a Malaysian.

Interested candidates may submit their resume to the following contact. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview session.

Ili Salwani Mohamad
Email : Phone : 04-9885534/04-9885728

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