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Project Title
Project Summary
Cloud computing is a new technology that provides storage and computation facilities to the end users over the public internet. Currently, a significant number of users access the cloud services via their mobile devices. In despite of their convenient and easy use to access the cloud services, the mobile devices are more vulnerable to the security challenges than PC’s. One of these challenges is the identity management. For instance, the ease losing or stealing the mobile devices, which hold sensitive and personal information, let the unauthorized people (i.e. theft) to access the cloud services without any more verification. Accordingly, the conventional identity management (IDM) systems, which utilize the single sign-on and federation techniques, are not suitable for the mobile cloud computing. Therefore, the need for identity management systems that consider the mobility challenges should take the highest priority. This is why this research introduced aiming at overcoming the flaws of the current IDM systems by constructing a coherent IDM framework. As a part of the proposed framework, a secure identity management system will be implemented that improve the security by distributing the verification process among the IDM server and the cloud server. Another security feature of the proposed framework is utilizing the homomorphic signature by sending the user’s detail as a binary vector instead of attackable encrypted data.  By proposing this identity management framework, cloud providers and mobile devices’ users will be able to handle the identity management process in a secure way.
Project Funding:  UTAR RESEARCH FUND (UTARRF) – 2016
Monthly Allowance: RM 2500
 Location: Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, UTAR, Kampar., Perak.
Ø  Collaborate with Project Leader in achieving project deliverables
Ø   Coordinate and plan research schedule and strategies
Ø   Provide technical input and knowledge in implementing research components
Ø   Prepare technical documentations and specific articles •
Ø  Enroll in Master by Research (M. Sc. – Computer Sciences) programme.
Minimum Requirements:
Ø  Bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA 3.00 in the field of Computer Sciences/ Information Technology.
Ø  Proficient in English
Ø   Able to work with minimal supervision, self-motivated and independent.
Interested candidates may submit their resume to the following contact. Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview session.
Dr. Suliman.  Email:
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