Postgraduate Opportunity in UTeM – RF and Microwave Engineering

Project Title: Cavity Filter design for Microwave Application

Project Duration: 01 January 2015 – 30 December 2017

Supervisor name and email: Dr Noor Azwan Shairi / Dr Badrul Hisham Ahmad ( /

Faculty: Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektronik dan Kejuruteraan Komputer, UTeM

Programme: MSc / PhD degrees specialisation in RF and Microwave Engineering

Abstract project:

Microwave filters are usually used to select the wanted frequency of the measured carrier wave signal and attenuate unwanted frequencies, spurious and harmonics. In microwave application such as communications or instrumentations, bandpass filter should yields low insertion loss, higher power handling ability and better rejection. However, the conventional lumped element or planar technologies (e.g. stripline, microstrip, coplanar and suspended substrate) are difficult to meet the high performance specification of microwave filter for this application. From literature, cavity filter technologies (such as waveguide and coaxial) are the suitable candidate for high performance of microwave filter design. Therefore, this project will design and develop cavity bandpass filters for microwave application. The most suitable and optimize performance of cavity bandpass filter will be commercialized to the potential E&E companies in Malaysia.

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