Position available for a research officer Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at MMU

Position available for a research officer Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science.


The project is about supporting effective best practice capture and usage. We focus on design patterns as a category of best practices. Design patterns are represented using the Sweble software and applied in the context of the Eclipse IDE. The Sweble software flexibly supports (a) structured capture of prose and images forbest practices and (b) programmatic access to those captured best practices using an API. This project will (a) develop new Sweble types and templates as well as Sweble plugins for capturing design patterns within a Sweble instance as well as (b) develop an Eclipse plug-in to integrate Sweble content into Java applications. The Sweble types and templates as well as the Sweble and Eclipse plug-ins represent a theory and hypotheses of how to effectively and efficiently support software developers in design pattern definition and application. As the final step, this dissertation validates this theory using appropriate empirical methods.

Requirements for a Ph.D. student

  • Technical abilities: Advanced Java programming skills and understanding of meta-level architectures
  • Process knowledge: Definition and use of design patterns in software development projects
  • Research skills: Empirical methods of theory and hypothesis generation and validation

Expected Results

  • Technical artifacts: Sweble types and templates, Sweble and Eclipse plugins
  • Research results: Scientifically validated theory of effective design pattern documentation


  • Funding for the first two years is guaranteed by our German partner.

Detailed Work Items

  • Theory of design pattern definition and application
  • Implementation of tools to support theory in practice
    • Sweble templates and types for
      • individual design patterns
      • design pattern handbook
    • Sweble plug-in to support
      • efficient entry of design patterns
      • efficient handling of handbooks
    • Eclipse plug-in to support
      • referencing design patterns
      • conformance checking
    • This section may be refined as necessary.

Scientific Collaboration

The Ph.D. candidate will be funded by our German partner for the first two years. You will be supervised by Dr. Ho Sin Ban and Dr. Ian Chai here at Multimedia University, but we will also collaborate with the professor in Germany and the Ph.D. student in Germany. Specifically, one of the Ph.D. students in Germany will provide support for the existing Sweble software.

Contact information

Interested candidates, please contact Dr. Ian Chai ianchai@mmu.edu.my


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