IEEE R10 Newsletter – It’s online now

Dear Members,

The Newsletter and Information Management team set out a vision to keep all members updated real time of events happening in Region 10 and provide Sections with a means to publish their accomplishments. In this en-devour, as a  first step, the online news letter is here. You can read it anytime, anywhere on any device, just bookmark and the news will just stream to your devices. It’s been exciting to set it up an we at the team will ensure it stays updated with help from all members to report news. With efforts of the editorial team, we present you the first edition of 2015. Please find attached a soft copy of this edition newsletter as well.  Happy reading!


Nitin Keshav, co-ordinator

Editorial committee –

Adib Kabir Chowdhury
Riti Sinha
Dianne Cheong
Ramesh Negi
Meenu Gupta and
Canbing Li.

Information management members-

Nivas Ravichandran

Nishant Verma

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