IEEE R10 SAC Mobile App Design Competition Announcement

IEEE R10 SAC would like to announce the call for proposals for the Mobile App Design Competition. The details of the scope of the call for proposals are in the attached file.


Please note the following highlighted points:

·         Only Sections can send proposals for organizing the competition within their section and its neighborhood.

·         Maximum of 5 proposals from Sections will be selected.

·         Each Section can send at most 3 mobile applications.

·         Sections are encouraged to coordinate with Student Branches within the Section and Region 10 SAC to comprehensively and strategically organize the competition successfully.

·         Policy of matching fund:

–          Large Sections must cover at least 50% of the competition cost.

–          Medium Sections must cover at least 25% of the competition cost.

–          Funding for Small Sections will be taken care by Region 10.

–          Approximately, minimum of USD 300, or 50% / 75% / 100% of total operational cost will be sponsored by R10 SAC to organizing Sections.

·         Please quote the budget in US Dollars only. (Do not use local currency)
·         SECTION should submit activity reports and expense reports of the competition which receive the R10 fund within one month after the completion of the project.

·         The report regarding the competition must be also published in the R10 Newsletter.



Student Branches must send in their proposals before 1st May, 2015.


Proposal Submissions

Proposals need to be sent to
Attached with this mail is a spreadsheet that needs to be filled and submitted along with the proposal.

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