Talk : I Have Never Registered Even Though I Have Worked as an Engineer for Years – Is It Really Necessary? | 18 March 2015

I Have Never Registered Even Though I Have Worked as an Engineer for Years – Is It Really Necessary?

by  Cheang Kok Meng

Former Executive Director, Institution of Engineers, Malaysia



Date: 18th March 2015 (Wed)

Time: 3.00 – 4.30 pm

Venue : Bilik Mesyuarat Gunasama, Level 5, Research Complex (Bangunan Penyelidikan), 43600 UKM Bangi

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

 (map is attached at the end)



(1)    The work of practicing engineers comes with a high degree of authority and responsibility, particularly with regards to quality, safety, viability and sustainability.  Legislation to register engineers ensures that there will be due accountability.  Professional registration is also testament of one’s competency and completion of both the theoretical and practical aspects of one’s engineering training.


(2)    With the inevitable trend of globalisation and the accompanying proliferation of cross border work, standardisation of practical engineering qualifications becomes necessary to facilitate the international mobility of professional engineering services.


(3)    This talk will focus on the professional registration of engineers in Malaysia.  It will highlight the differences between the roles of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), as well as the requirements and procedure for achieving Professional Engineer status, with reference to recent amendments to the Registration of Engineers Act.  A brief overview of regional and international registrations will also be covered.


Ir. Cheang was the Executive Director of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) for 5 years until 2014.  His primary responsibility was in policy and public affairs on issues related to engineers and the engineering profession.

Ir. Cheang comes from the broadcast industry and started his career as an engineer with Radio-TV Malaysia; subsequently moving to the commercial sector where he helmed leading broadcast as well as industrial and consumer electronics companies with primary roles in the areas of technical sales, systems integration and business management.

He was a Colombo Plan scholar and graduated in electronics engineering from the University Western Australia in 1976. He also has an executive MBA specializing in Strategy from the International Management Centre in 2000. Now he is living his larger passion of helping make engineering more relevant to people and society.

He believes in the harmony of body, mind and soul and in the necessity of distilling, rationalising and integrating wisdom across all domains and throughout all times.  He indulges in art, architecture and philosophy, practices meditation and “qigong” and takes regular hikes into the hills and mountains.

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