Micro and Nanofabrication in Carbon with BIOMEMS Applications Workshop | 3 Dec 2014

IEEE UM Student Branch in collaboration with the Center for Innovation in Medical Engineering is pleased to announce the BioMEMS Workshop, Micro and Nanofabrication in Carbon, which will be held in Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya on 3rd December 2014.


The workshop will provide an excellent platform for knowledge exchange between researchers, scientists, academicians and engineers working in the areas of BioMEMS, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as the medical technologist. This workshop calls for local and international participation.


Carbon, in many respects, is starting to challenge Si as the most important technological material. Besides the prominence of fullerenes, graphite, graphene and carbon nano tubes, glassy carbon 3D MEMS and NEMS-like devices are now being made by lithographically patterning polymer precursors  and  carbonizing them. Other carbon allotropes like diamond, diamond –like carbon and amorphous carbon also  are being studied intensively –but they are all studied in isolation, allotrope by allotrope. We want to look at carbon in a more holistic way in which  depending on the manufacturing approach one can make a different carbon allotrope and combines those in hybrid carbon functional devices. For example depending on the polymer precursor processing more or less graphitic structures can be made,  nanotubes or fullerenes are be integrated in a glassy carbon matrix or graphene ribbons can be suspended between glassy carbon contact posts.


Kindly refer to the attached flyer for further details. Interested participants are advised to do the payment (please refer to the flyer for payment details) and email us your details (Name, IEEE number (if applicable), university/ company, and contact number) along with the payment receipt to confirm your registration to (ieee.umsb@yahoo.com). For any other inquiries, kindly call us at: 603-7967-6878.

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