Participation in IEEE Xtreme Competition 8.0

I had recently been appointed the Malaysia Section Ambassador for the IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition 8.0 (

My responsibilities includes promotion of the competition among universities and student branches. Students or lecturers may consult me if they face any problems in organizing the competition (e.g. problem in getting venue, require more details).

R10 has requested that we boost student partitipation in the competition. For the uninitiated, the IEEE Xtreme Programming competition is a 24-hour programming competition.

1. Students need to form teams of 3 (all the team member need to be IEEE members).
2. They are required to get IEEE members or senior members as proctors for the competition. One proctor can supervise up to 8 teams.
3. Registration is free.

4. They need to find a venue on their own to host their competition. The venue needs space an also internet connection.
5. More than one university can host the competition locally. The competition will start at the same time globally.

The proctors responsibilities includes making sure the students do not get external help, they get food and also receipt and distribution of IEEE prizes.

You may find out more info here:

The deadline for registration is 4th October 2014. The actual competition date is 18th October 2014 UTC 00:00:00 — 18 Oct, 8am Malaysian Time.

I propose that universities which are close by host the competition, providing internat access and a venue. And participating students may join in the nearest location which is hosting the competition. So it is possible to make it an activity of your local IEEE society or university to host the competition. Last year, Curtin has hosted the competition before and managed to win some prizes.

A flyer of the competition is attached in this email. Please help spread the word. Thanks!

Warmest regards,
Yong Bang Ming
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