(Free) DLP Talk : What you can not do? – Thoughts on Security and Privacy in a 5G Connected World | 16 July 2014


By Dr James Irvine

Reader, Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland

Email: j.m.irvine@ieee.org



Talk #1:         What you can not do? – Thoughts on Security and Privacy in a 5G Connected World

Date    : 16thJuly 2014 (Wednesday)

Time   : 10.00 – 11.30AM

Venue :  Seminar Hall, 2nd Floor, Tower Block, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang, Selangor.

Speaker’s Biography – Dr James Irvine is a Reader in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, working on resource management and security for wireless communication systems. For much of the past 15 years, he acted as an Academic Co-ordinator for research programmes in the Mobile VCE consortium of universities, operators and manufacturers, including ‘Software Based Systems’, the ‘Personal Distributed Environment’, and ‘Instant Knowledge’ – secure context-aware networks. He was TPC chair of VTC2004-Spring in Milan, and is General Co-chair of VTC2015-Spring in Glasgow. Dr Irvine is a co-author of 3 books, 7 patents and over 120 research papers.
Dr Irvine is Vice-Chair of the User Needs and Requirements Working Group of the Wireless World Research Forum.  He is also an active volunteer in IEEE, chairing the Standards Education Committee and Conference Publications Committee, and well as being Vice-President for Publications of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. He was founding Editor in Chief of the IEEE Vehicular Technology magazine, and currently chairs the VTS Technical Advisory Committee, which assists the technical programme committees of conferences the Society sponsors.




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Talk #1 – What you can not do? – Thoughts on Security and Privacy in a 5G Connected World

Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben wrote that man is no longer limited by what is technologically impossible, but what it is becoming unacceptable not to do.  With 5G networks offering the promise of ubiquitous data connectivity and context-awareness through machine to machine communications, how do we protect users and their privacy, while still designing innovative services?  This talk will examine the concept of privacy, and the requirements of security in mobile systems, and offer examples of how innovate services can be designed with 4G and future 5G systems which protect both.  It will also show examples of where poor design has threatened security, with lessons for application developers.

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