Short Course on Artificial Intelligence | 5 – 21 May 2014


IEEE UM Student Branch is pleased to announce a short course on Artificial Intelligence, which will be held in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya from 5 May to 21 May. The speakers are Prof. Dr. Saad Mekhilef and Miss Hanieh Borhanazad.
The short course is designed for researchers, lecturers, scientists, engineers, and managers who would need to solve engineering and scientific problems with an interactive environment using Artificial Intelligence; and those interested to learn the fundamental knowledge in fuzzy logic/neural networks/optimization methods using MATLAB software.
Fuzzy logic and neural networks have attracted considerable attention in various fields. They have taken their place among the family of computational intelligence methods both from theory and application points of view. After a huge period of theoretical developments, applications have demonstrated their superb ability to solve different problems arising in various application domains.
Particle swarm optimization is a heuristic global optimization method which is widely used and rapidly developed for its easy implementation and simplicity. This algorithm can be used widely in the fields such as function optimization, the model classification, machine study, neutral network training, the signal procession, vague system control, automatic adaptation control and etc.
Artificial Intelligence short course is organized with the view to broaden the research interests of young researchers by providing an exposure to modern research trends such as Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Neural Networks, and Particle swarm optimization method. These three-Courses will help participants understand the conceptual logic of Artificial intelligence methods and provide them a basic introduction to Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, and single and multi-objectives optimization methods, using MATLAB software. No prior programming experience or knowledge is assumed.
Kindly refer to the attached flyer for further details. Interested participants are advised to do the payment ASAP (please refer to the flyer for payment details) and email us your details (Name, IEEE number (if applicable), university/ company, and contact number) along with the payment receipt to confirm your registration. For any other queries, kindly email us to, or call Lina /Bashar  tel: 603-7967-6878.
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