Call for proposals for 2014 R10 WIE Support Fund

Please submit proposal to Dr. Norliza

IEEE R10 WIE committee would like to call for 2014 R10 WIE Support Fund.
The details of the awarded to be granted and how to submit the proposal are in the attached file.
Please study details carefully.


* The proposal form must be completed and submitted by SECTION.

* SECTION can submit up to 2 proposals.
* Each proposal can consist of up to 3 projects, and each project activity should meet WIE Mission & Vision and be held in January-November of 2014.
* SECTION should cover more than 50% of the proposed project(s) cost, and can request “WIE fund” up to $600 per proposal.
* SECTION should submit activity reports and expense reports of the project(s) which receive the R10 fund within one month after the completion of the project. The activity report should be also published in the R10 Newsletter.

* If the activity/expense reports are not be submitted within the time limit, the SECTION cannot receive the WIE fund.
* Deadline of proposal submission is May 9, 2014 to my e-mail: < > and cc. to < >
* Please make sure that an acknowledgment is received after sending the proposal within 3 days, or it should be assumed that the submission is not received.

Please submit proposal to Dr. Norliza

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