DLP : Wearable Computer for Monitoring Diet, Physical Activity and Personal Health | 17 Sept 2013 | Perak

IEEE CAS Malaysia would like to cordially invite you to the Distinguished Lecture sponsored by IEEE Circuits and Systems Society under Distinguished Lecture Program. The DLP details are as below:

Title:       Wearable Computer for Monitoring Diet, Physical Activity and Personal Health
Speaker: Prof Mingui Sun from University of Pittsburgh.
Date:      16th September 2013 (Monday) 17th September 2013 (Tuesday)
Time:      1400 – 1600
Venue:    Centre for Intelligent Signal & Imaging Research (CISIR), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Tronoh, Perak

The DLP is organised by:

IEEE CAS Malaysia and Centre for Intelligent Signal and Imaging Research (CISIR), Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

To register, please email to: fawnizu@ieee.org


Overweight and obesity have become a wide spread epidemic (e.g., more than 60% of Americans are now overweight). In the battle against obesity and numerous related diseases, there is a strong need for an electronic sensor that monitors individual’s eating, physical activity and lifestyle. We have developed a miniature wearable computer in the form of an attractive chest button containing many sensors such as a camera, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, UV light sensor, and thermometer. The acquired data are processed by advanced computational algorithms to recognize daily events, evaluate lifestyle, and measure food potion sizes, nutrients, and caloric intake and expenditure.



Professor Mingui Sun received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from University of Pittsburgh in 1989 and joined the faculty at the same university in 1991, where he is currently a Professor of neurosurgery, electrical engineering, and bioengineering. His research interests include bioelectronics, biosignal and image processing, electrophysiology, neuroengineering, radio-frequency systems for medical applications, and wearable systems for the study of diet, physical activity, and exposure biology. He has published over 320 papers. His research has been supported by NIH and other grants. He is active in the IEEE CAS society as a member of both the LiSSA and MSATC technical committees.

Thank you.


Chair, IEEE CAS Malaysia


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