Call for proposals for 2013 R10 WIE Support Fund

IEEE R10 WIE committee would like to call for 2013 R10 WIE Support Fund.

The details of the awarded to be granted and how to submit the proposal are in the attached file.

Please study details carefully and forward to WIE Affinity Chairs in your Section.


* The proposal forms must be completed by proposer and endorsed by the Section Chair. And the budget plan and the requested budget (up to $400) should be specified.

* R10 WIE provides part of the cost of the activity (up to $400) in each case. Part of the cost of the activity must be borne by the respective section or any other sources.

* After confirming the result report and the financial report, R10 WIE will start the fund transfer process.


* Deadline of proposal submission is May 5, 2013 to my e-mail :



* Please make sure that an acknowledgment is received after sending the proposal within 3days, or it should be assumed that the submission is not received.



Looking forward to receive the proposal.


Warm regards,

Takako Hashimoto

R10 WIE Coordinator

Takako Hashimoto, Ph. D.

Coordinator, IEEE R10 Women In Engineering

Chair, IEEE Japan Council Women In Engineering

Associate Professor, Chiba University of Commerce

1-3-1, Konodai Ichikawa City, Chiba,

272-8512 Japan, tel:+81-47-373-4222

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