Technical Talk : Microwave Systems and Wireless Sensors for Various Industrial Applications | 25 March 2013




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Dear Members,
You are cordially invited to attend a Technical Talk by Prof. Ahmed Al-Shamma’a, the Director of BEST Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University. Details on the talk is as follows:
Speaker : Professor Ahmed Al-Shamma’a, Director of BEST Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University
Date: March 25, 2013 (Monday)
Time: 11.00 am
Venue : Al-Hidayah Seminar Room, Level 9, Block 5, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Engineering Complex, UiTM, Shah Alam
Title: Microwave systems and wireless sensors for Various Industrial Applications
The talk will highlight the unique and niche research and technologies that are currently undertaken in BEST-LJMU-Liverpool-UK supported by various funding bodies including the EU, Ministry of Defence, Technology Strategy Board, Carbon Trust and directly from Industry to meet specific applications in the healthcare, oil/gas/water, energy, automotive and aerospace, water and food industries.
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Professor Ahmed Al-Shamma’a is the director of Built Environment and Sustainable Research Institute (BEST) at Liverpool John Moores University. He has established its credentials as an industry focused. Ahmed has extensive research area covers a wide range of applied industrial science including advance microwave technologies for chemical synthesis, renewable energies from waste including biodiesel, bioethanol and biobutanol, wireless sensors for the construction, healthcare, automotive and aerospace industries, Material processing, Bespoke software solution to monitor real time energy levels in various industrial applications and Near zero carbon initiatives for the energy sectors. Ahmed is one of the EU scientific officer on Renewable Energies and has obtained various supported applied research projects funded nationally and internationally by the EU, UK and USA Ministry of Defense, Carbon Trust, Technology Strategy Board and direct funding from industry with portfolio of various Knowledge Transfer Partnership between academia and Industry. The success of the research has led to the establishment of three spin out companies in Liverpool John Moores University. Ahmed has published over 300 per reviewed scientific publications, 15 patents, coordinated over 30 research projects and successfully supervised 26 PhD students.
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