Workshop on The Fundamentals of Subspace-based Techniques with Applications in Signal and Image Processing | 10-11 Dec 2012

The course will cover the fundamentals of subspace-based techniques in linear algebra and statistical signal processing. It will outline the principle of orthogonality and demonstrates its relationship to the singular value decomposition (SVD), the eigenvalue decomposition and the oriented energy.Moreover, the course will focus on the linear estimators, like the minimum Variance, the Time Domain Constraint and the Spectral Domain Constraint for signal and image denoising and will cover some of the widely used algorithms in the areas of array signal processing and spectrum estimation. The course will also show the implementation of the different subspace techniques using MATLAB codes, in the following areas:

  • Signal and Image enhancement (Time Domain Constraint Estimator).
  • Array Signal Processing (Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC)).
  • Spectrum estimation (Modified covariance).
  • Pattern recognition (Data glove for signature verification).

Participant will get the opportunity to run MATLAB codes with the various applications and have the experience in writing similar codes.



UTM Razak School of Engineering and advance technology,
UTM International Campus, Jalan Semarak
54100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Assoc Prof Dr Nidal Kamel

He received the PhD degree (Hons) from the Technical University of Gdansk, Poland, in 1993. His PhD work was focused on subspace-based array signal processing for direction-of-arrival estimation. Since 1993 he has been involved in research projects related to estimation theory, noise reduction,  otimal filtering, and pattern recognition. He developed SNR estimator for antenna diversity  ombining, single-trial subspace-based technique for EEG extraction form brain background noise, and introduced a subspace-based data glove system for online signature verification. His present research interest is in brain signal processing, image enhancement, and pattern recognition.

Currently, he is Associate Professor at the PETRONAS University of Technology. He is IEEE senior member.

For Any Further Information, Please contact

Mr. Dileep Kumar (Research Scientist)
Centre for Intelligent Signal and Imaging (CISIR), UTP
Email: Phone: 0195591650

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